Coretek Opto Corporation was founded in March 2001, in Taipei and relocated to Hsin-chu Science Based Park in 2002. We produce high quality optical transceivers and sub-optical modules which are used in industrial, data-com, telecom, and medical applications.

As the production, related activities, and products might impact the environment or consume natural resources, we commit to act in an environmentally responsible manner and strive for continual improvement in our operations and products to reduce our environmental impact.   

Coretek and all its employees are required to support the implementation of the policy as follows.

  1. Conform to the government’s environmental law and other requirements and response to international green subjects, environmental protection activities.

  2. Continually develop environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and environmental management system (EMS) to decrease resource consumption and minimize pollution.

  3. Propagandize green conception to employees and inform our environmental expectations to suppliers and contractors.

  4. Commit to continual improvement of our operating environment and promote recycling and reuse of our products.

  5. Implement employee safety and sanitation training and drilsl to avoid accidenst.

  6. Continued determination to protect the world environment.